Another year older, no prize for survivors

TsuboiMinutes after learning that the Nobel Peace Prize had gone to another group, leaders if the Japanese survivors of the atomic bombings promised to keep working as before for peace and nuclear abolition.

Sunao Tsuboi, a leader of a major organization of survivors, said that there is nothing to regret in failing to receive the Peace Prize. And he promised to keep going on as before. Tsuboi (left: talking with reporters after a press conference) is one of the most prominent and beloved leaders. He’s 90 years old and, while appearing healthy, he now walks with a cane.

He joked with reporters that his funeral can’t be too far off, saying, “You will soon be lighting incense for me and placing it in an incense burner.” One disappointed Japanese reporter cheerfully talked about next year, telling me I should be there then, too. But this was the 70th anniversary and it would have been a great chance to honor their work in caring for the world’s future.

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