Hiroshima: Hopes for Nobel Peace Prize

Peace ParkIn Hiroshima, it’s a busy time of year with lots of school children visiting the Peace Memorial Park to learn about the horrors of the atomic bombing. I’m back here for the week, doing interviews to update my book, “Peace Quest.” Last night, news media were calling someone I was having dinner with to line him up as a source for today as they got ready to cover the announcement of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

There is considerable hope here in Hiroshima that it will go to the survivors for their remarkable advocacy not just for disarmament and nuclear abolition generally. They have repeatedly been nominated, and this year was the 70th anniversary. But, maybe it will be like the great author Haruki Murakami — always deserving, always passed over. The announcement is around 6 pm Japan Time (early morning in the U.S.)

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